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pressure washing

Kalamazoo and Portage Pressure Washing & Siding Cleaning

Pressure Washing & Siding Cleaning Services 

Soft Wash Siding Cleaning

  • Free demonstration of
    home or business.

  • Detailed cleaning

  • Exterior of gutters

  • Exterior doors, soffit and fascia.

Our Siding Cleaning is Second To None


Immanuel Cleaning offers a siding cleaning service that is second to none. Pressure washing siding cannot even compare to the soft-wash process we use. Our soft-wash process kills algae, mold and mildew leaving behind the beautiful siding you remember from the install.


Pressure washing cannot produce the same results and usually takes longer than our process. Soft-washing can save us time and you money. While we cannot prevent regrowth of algae, mold and mildew it will take longer for it to regrow after we kill this batch. Soft-wash is safer on siding than pressure washing and is safe for vegetation. 

Pressure Washing Includes Detailed Cleaning

  • Decks

  • Block

  • Brick and Concrete Buildings

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks

  • Patios.

Soft wash siding cleaning
Image by christian koch

Pressure Washing & Siding Cleaning Process




Contact us by phone or email for an estimate.

We set up a date/time for your in-person quote or you can take advantage of our hassle-free quote for exterior work.                        us what you want cleaned and your address, then we will leave a quote on your front door within 2 business days.

We schedule your first cleaning and you experience our immaculate quality cleaning!

I recently had my home exterior cleaned and was very satisfied with the outcome. The home had a lot of mildew and other grime that I was curious what it would look like. I was thrilled with the result. Would highly recommend the service.

L. Johnson, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Residential Housing Complex
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